Clean Tests
Workshop to work on Unit Tests Practices and Anti-patterns

Connection - Mythbusters

Connect participants to the topic by making them relate on Facts and Myths regarding Unit Tests
Debriefing is available in the slide deck


Before going further regarding the concepts, invite them to reflect on they define :
  • What is a Unit ?
  • Which tests they would write on the giving piece of code ?
  • How they would write it ?
Then explain all those concepts :
  • Schools of testing
  • Pillars of Good Unit Tests
  • FIRST Principles
  • Anatomy of Unit Tests
  • How to name your Unit Tests
  • Styles of Code

Concrete Practice - Anti-Patterns

In groups, make them identify Unit Tests anti-patterns by using Code snippets or the repository provided in this page.
You can debrief it directly on the Miro board or from the slides :
My identification logic and refactoring are explained in this step-by-step guide :
clean-tests/ at master · ythirion/clean-tests



Clean Tests slides
  • A lot of stuff from this workshop comes from the book "Unit Testing : Principles, Practices, and Patterns"by Vladimir Khorikov